New Panchan Botnet Targets Linux Servers

If you're involved with IT Security at any level and if your network includes Linux servers, keep a watchful eye out for the new Panchan botnet. It first appeared in the wilds ...

Facebook 2FA scammers return – this time in just 21 minutes

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How To Protect Your Company With Cybersecurity Awareness

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Data Breach Hits One Of America’s Largest Healthcare Providers

Do you receive healthcare of any kind from Kaiser Permanente?  If so, be aware that they recently published a data breach notification indicating that an unidentified attacker accessed an email account that ...

Paying ransomware crooks won’t reduce your legal risk, warns regulator

"We paid the crooks to keep things under control and make a bad thing better"... isn't a valid excuse. Who knew? Read Full Article Here

Cisco Email Gateway Appliance Users Should Apply Security Patch

Tech giant Cisco recently sent out a notification to its vast customer base urging them to apply a recently issued patch that addresses a critical security vulnerability. This vulnerability could allow an ...

That didn’t last! Microsoft turns off the Office security it just turned on

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Simple Ways To Hire The Perfect Candidate The First Time

Top quality talent can be difficult to find in any field, if you have spent any time looking for and hiring people, you know the challenge can be an especially daunting one.  ...

Massive Phishing Attack Scammed Millions Of Facebook Messenger Users

According to research conducted by the cybersecurity firm PIXM, there is a massive phishing campaign that peaked in April and May of this year (2022) and it is still ongoing. The campaign ...

Apache “Commons Configuration” patches Log4Shell-style bug – what you need to know

It's a bit like Log4J, but for configuration files, not for logging. Read Full Article Here