One Click Default Browser Choice Coming To Windows 11

One of the latest revelations to come from the Windows 11 development team is that Microsoft is working on streamlining the process of setting a default web browser for Windows 11 users. ...

Chromebook Users Will Get New Tools And Features Soon

Do you own a Chromebook?  If so, be aware that version 100 of the Chrome OS and Chrome Browser boasts a new launcher.  Simply press the "Everything" button which is located on ...

S3 Ep78: Darkweb hydra, Ruby, quantum computing, and a robot revolution [Podcast]

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US cryptocurrency coder gets 5 years for North Korea sanctions busting

Cryptocurrency expert didn't take "No" for an answer when the US authorities said he couldn't pursue cryptocoin opps in North Korea. Read Full Article Here

Mobile Devices Connected To Windows Known As Phone Link

Microsoft recently announced that it was doing a bit of re-branding. The company's apps that connect Android and iPhones to your Windows PC were formally called "Your Phone." Under the new re-naming scheme, ...

Five critical bugs fixed in hospital robot control system

Fortunately, we're not talking about a robot revolution, or about hospital AI run amuck. But these bugs could lead to ransomware, or worse... Read Full Article Here

Microsoft Help Files Are Being Used To Distribute This Spyware

Diana Lopera is a researcher for Trustwave Cybersecurity and has stumbled across something that's one part interesting and one part disturbing. Apparently, a group of hackers are trying a new approach to ...

OpenSSH goes Post-Quantum, switches to qubit-busting crypto by default

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Outlook Having PDF Preview Issues With Microsoft PowerToys

Do you use Microsoft PowerToys?  If you're not sure what that is then you probably don't. If you're curious, Microsoft has an open-source set of tools called PowerToys which is designed to ...

New GIMMICK Malware Targets MacOS Users

If you follow the global threat landscape closely, then you may already be aware of a notorious Chinese hacking collective known as "Storm Cloud." What few people know is that this group seems ...