Latest Windows 10 Release Ditches Unpopular 3D Objects Folder

Recently Microsoft made a change that few people will care about or even notice. On the off chance that you're one of the minority of people who use the 3D Objects folder, ...

Ransomware Attackers Demand 20 Million From U.S. Kia Motors

Strange things are afoot at Kia Motors America (KMA), a subsidiary of Kia Motors with more than 800 dealerships scattered across the United States. Recently the company has reported a nationwide IT ...

How confidential are your calls? This iPhone app shared them with everyone

Caveat utilitor! Caveat emptor! Caveat programmator! Read Full Article Here

Text Prediction Is Coming To Microsoft Word

Most modern email systems these days have a "predictive typing" feature. As you're composing an email, the software behind the system predicts (fairly accurately) what you're about to type and suggests the ...

S3 Ep23: Hafnium happenings, I see you, and Pythonic poison [Podcast]

New episode - listen now! (And find out what HAFNIUM really stands for.) Read Full Article Here

150,000 security cameras allegedly breached in “too much fun” hack

Cloud security cameras rained confidential customer data, says Bloomberg. Read Full Article Here

Another Malware Attack On Mac Systems Has Been Discovered

Barely a week ago, Patrick Wardle announced the discovery of the first piece of malware capable of slipping past the defenses of Apple's M1, which was considered to be among the most ...

Microsoft Word Adding Transform Feature To Create PowerPoints

Microsoft has been rolling out a number of good, interesting features to a broad spectrum of products lately. However, this one we're not quite as sure about. On paper, it certainly looks ...

Serious Security: Webshells explained in the aftermath of HAFNIUM attacks

Webshells explained, with some (safe) examples you can try at home if you want to learn more. Read Full Article Here

Naked Security Live – ICU: How much do your home-working photos give away?

I see you/And what you do - So be aware/Before you share - And if in doubt/Don't give it out! Read Full Article Here


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