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Naked Security Live – To hack or not to hack?

Latest video - watch now! We look at the recent FBI "webshell hacking" controversy from both sides. Read Full Article Here

Serious Security: Rowhammer is back, but now it’s called SMASH

Simply put: reading from RAM in your program could write to RAM in someone else's Read Full Article Here

New Malware Appears To Be Android App For Free Netflix

If you have an Android device and you're something of an app fanatic, you may have been tempted by an app called FlixOnline, which was available on the Google Play Store for ...

Details On Massive Facebook Data Leak Hack

As you're probably aware, recently a vast trove of Facebook profiles totaling 533 million in all, wound up on a hacker forum. The company was initially silent about the issue, but the ...

S3 Ep28.5: Hacking back – is attack an acceptable form of defence? [Podcast]

Listen now - and have your say on this divisive issue in our comments! Read Full Article Here

Firmware Attacks May Be The Next Big Security Issue

Most businesses are getting better at guarding against malware attacks. We still hear about successful attacks far too often, but companies are undeniably getting better at defending against them. Unfortunately, the same ...

S3 Ep28: Pwn2Own hacks, dark web hitmen and COVID-19 privacy [Podcast]

New episode - listen now! Read Full Article Here

Windows 10 Updates Could Be Causing Printing Issues For Some

Last year, Microsoft seemed to struggle for a time with its monthly Windows 10 updates. We were treated to a whole series of updates that caused as many issues as they were ...

FBI hacks into hundreds of infected US servers (and disinfects them)

Hacking for good! A judge said I could! Read Full Article Here

IoT bug report claims “at least 100M devices” may be impacted

The programmers among us are learning... but not always quickly enough, it seems. Here's some food for coding thought... Read Full Article Here


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