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How one man silently infiltrated dozens of high-tech networks

Ever counted how many external source code dependencies your fancy new software product has? Be prepared for a surprise! Read Full Article Here

Naked Security Live – When is a bug bounty not a bug bounty?

Latest episode - watch now! Read Full Article Here

With New Update iPhone Adds iMessage Security Feature

Do you have a favorite app you use for chatting or for keeping in touch with family and friends? Most people have a go-to app that serves as their first choice, and ...

Egregor ransomware criminals allegedly busted in Ukraine

More good news in the cybercrime law-and-order world, this time a bust of ransomware crooks. Read Full Article Here

Identity Thefts Had Huge Surge in 2020

Trends come and go in the hacking world. A few years ago, stealing credit card numbers was the crime of choice for most of the hackers out there. They've since begin to ...

Fallen victim to online fraud? Here’s what to do…

Practical tips on how to avoid getting scammed in the first place, as well as what to do if it does happen. Read Full Article Here

Healthcare Under Attack By Blast From The Past Ransomware

The year 2017 was an eternity ago in internet time, but back in those ancient days, there was one name in the ransomware world that sent tremors of terror down everyone's spine. ...

SMS tax scam unmasked: Bogus but believable – don’t fall for it!

Everyone loves a tax refund - just don't get so excited that you forget to check for telltale signs of a scam. Read Full Article Here

Why So Many Facebook Users Were Recently Logged Out

If you're a regular Facebook user, you probably just stay logged in so you can quickly get updates about what's going on in your social circle. Or, if you use it primarily ...

S3 Ep19: Chrome zero-day, coffee hacking and stolen [Podcast]

Latest episode (includes 111,848 "free" cups of coffee) - listen now! Read Full Article Here


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