Android Malware Named MasterFred Seeks User App Login Information

If you have an Android device be aware that there's a new strain of malware out there. Called MasterFred this new malware utilizes well-constructed fake login overlays in order to steal the ...

Cloud Security: Don’t wait until your next bill to find out about an attack!

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Most Bait Phishing Attacks Target Gmail Accounts

A new report by Barracuda was recently published. It revealed that the vast majority of baiting email attacks conducted this year were done via G-mail accounts. The firm surveyed 10,500 different organizations ...

Legacy Contacts Shares Data From Those Who Have Passed

The internet has been around for a while at this point and it has brought to mind an issue we've never had to deal with until now. What happens to your digital ...

S3 Ep60: Exchange exploit, GoDaddy breach and cookies made public [Podcast]

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US government securities watchdog spoofed by investment scammers – don’t fall for it!

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Twitter Rolls Out New Paid Plan Called Twitter Blue

One of the things that has allowed social media platforms to grow so quickly and utterly dominate the internet is the fact that they're free to use. They're not completely free however ...

Update Microsoft Exchange Server For Important Security Patch

If you use Exchange Server to handle your company's email then you're probably already aware that a critical security flaw has been discovered that puts the server at risk. The issue is ...

Check your patches – public exploit now out for critical Exchange bug

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GoDaddy admits to password breach: check your Managed WordPress site!

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