New Delivery Method For Ransomware Discovered Called Bumblebee

Some interesting and disturbing changes are afoot in the hacking world.  It appears that the TrickBot gang is now working for the Conti Syndicate. TrickBot is a well-known group of botnet developers ...

Microsoft Edge Browser To Get Free Limited VPN

There's a big change coming to the Microsoft Edge browser.  Big enough that it may prompt some users to switch to Edge. Recently, Microsoft announced that they'll be adding a free built-in ...

Clearview AI face-matching service fined a lot less than expected

The fine has finally gone through... but it's less than 45% of what was originally proposed. Read Full Article Here

Many IOT Devices At Risk Due To DNS Vulnerability

How many "smart" devices do you have connected to your home or company network?  It's probably a higher number than you originally estimated.  However large that number is, it pays to be ...

Mozilla patches Wednesday’s Pwn2Own double-exploit… on Friday!

That was quick! 48 hours from exploit report to published patch. Read Full Article Here

Microsoft patches the Patch Tuesday patch that broke authentication

Remember the good old days when security patches rarely needed patches? Because security patches themlelves were rare enough anyway? Read Full Article Here

Users Without Internet Explorer Updates Are Vulnerable To Malware

Researchers at Bitdefender have discovered a new malware campaign.  This one uses an attack method that has fallen out of favor in recent months, called the Exploit Kit. Exploit Kits used to ...

US Government says: Patch VMware right now, or get off our network

Find and patch. Right now. If you can't patch, get it off the network. Right now! Oh, and show us what you did to comply. Read Full Article Here

Google Assistant Tool Will Automate Password Changes

A handy new Google Assistant is coming soon to a device near you.  The new feature is designed to automate the frustrating and often time-consuming task of changing your passwords after a ...

S3 Ep83: Cracking passwords, patching Firefox, and Apple vulns [Podcast]

Latest episode - listen now! Read Full Article Here